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To the Unions and Social Movements in Latin América

nous-ne-sommes-qu-une-idee.jpgLes indignés du Québec are supporting the strike of the teachers and students of Brazil

 To the Unions and Social Movements in Latin América :

The defense of public, free and quality education in Brazil is an essential part of the history of the National Union of Teachers of Higher Education Institutions (ANDES-SN). It has been the urgent need of the population that demands quality public services that meet their needs for health, education, security, transportation, among other basic social rights.

logo-andesThe federal teachers are on strike since May 17 this year for better working conditions and in the defense of a worthy career, which recognizes the important role the teachers play in the life of the Brazilian population, in vocational education and citizenship, in order to prepare it for the political inclusion in the society. For years, in Brazil, teachers have suffered a devaluation of their activities. Teachers have fought huge battles in the defense of educational heritage which has been formed by the public Institutions of Higher Education, from the claims for improvements in working conditions and the restructuring of the category Career Plan that will allow the permanence of professionals in those institutions. The Brazilian government has been using a discourse and a political practice that leverage the international financial crisis as justification for the reduction of public funds in social areas, and to reject the demands of federal public servants for better working conditions and salaries. The consequence of not meeting these demands brings the precariousness of public services, which directly affects the population rights. These questions lead us to request the unions in Latin America to express solidarity with our struggle. This struggle belongs not only to teachers but to all those who believe in the duty of taking on the fight to ensure public, free and quality education. This might change the alarming statistics about social exclusion that the research institutional bodies in the country have recorded. We call on unions motions of support for our struggle. For a Latin America committed to the equal access to the quality education!

Please send call on motions to: e-mail:

Brasília, may, 23rd, 2012

National Strike Command


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